How do I create, edit & delete an objective cycle?

Different companies have different kinds of objectives depending on their vision and industry. But one thing that is common to all the companies is that - all the objectives/goals are planned within a set duration. Success is defined by the ability of the team to execute these within the pre-decided time frame. In UpRaise, objective cycle is necessarily a time frame that lets the UpRaise admin/super admin organise objectives. They act as containers for team & individual objectives.

At the time of UpRaise installation, 4 objective cycles are inserted by default. Duration of each cycle being a quarter.


Creating an objective cycle

By clicking on the 'Add objective cycle' (highlighted below), user is brought to a two-step objective cycle addition process.


This is how the first step looks like, where you can enter general information about the objective cycle. One can add the title, start & end dates, description for the cycle. Clicking on cancel aborts the process, whereas clicking on next takes the user to the 2nd step of the process. 


In the 2nd step, system allows you to define grading type & settings. By default, opinion scale is selected which can be changed to radio buttons. Cancel aborts the process & brings user back to where they had started. Prev takes user to the 1st step whereas 'Create Objective Cycle' completes the process & an objective cycle is created in the system. User is brought to the cycles tab where the newly created cycle is listed.


Editing an objective cycle


Process of editing an objective cycle is similar to how a new objective cycle is created. Clicking on edit brings user to the 1st step where he can edit the general information, by clicking on next they can update grading settings.

In the last step, they can choose to update objective cycle & all the changes will be updated within UpRaise.

Deleting an objective cycle


As mentioned earlier, objective cycles are essentially containers for all levels of objectives. Thus deleting an objective cycle means deleting all the containing OKRs. Once user confirms via the pop-up that objective cycle should be deleted, all the corresponding OKRs are deleted & this action cannot be reversed.