How can I create, edit & delete feedback tags?

Feedback tags

Feedback tags are used to classify continuous feedback exchanged within UpRaise. The main purpose of classifying the feedback is that it can be quantified to generate trends & help identify individual performances over a period of time.  

UpRaise admin/super admin/user with sufficient permissions can navigate to manage tab feedback page.

In tags section of manage tab of feedback page, admin/super admin/user with sufficient permissions get to create, edit, delete, or disable feedback tags.

  • Tag Labels - Small & easily identifiable text 

  • Description - Verbose description of the tag

  • Color code - Color associated with each of the tags

  • Position - Sequence in which these tags appear


This is how the tags appear while giving feedback. 


Creating a tag

A new tag can be added with a tag label, description, and associated color code. There is no restriction on the number of tags one can use, although we recommend not more than 5. 

PS - Color code picker does not work on keyboard tab-in, one has to mouse click within the box for color picker to open.

Editing a tag

Existing tags can be edited by clicking the pencil icon that appears on mouse over. This editing impacts feedback retroactively i.e. if the tag that is being edited is already used in feedback exchanges, the changes you commit will change the existing feedback tags as well. 

Delete a tag

Deleting a tag is allowed only if that tag is not yet used in any of the feedback. If tag is used in any of the feedback exchanges then delete option turns to disable and you can disable it to stop further use of that tag. If the tag is disabled or deleted it will stop appearing in the give feedback pop-up.


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