I need more levels of OKRs in addition to company, team & individual?

UpRaise by default has 3 levels of OKRs - Company, team & individual. While this works fine for small & medium-sized companies, some companies will need more depth in their levels of OKRs e.g. with divisional or departmental goals etc.

UpRaise allows this kind of depth by generalizing the behavior of its 'team' entity. Each 'team' within UpRaise is a group of one or more users. Thus a department, sub-department, team or even a sub-team - these are all 'team' entities in UpRaise. The alignment between OKRs allows you to simulate your actual hierarchy by aligning company goals with department goals, which in turn are aligned with team goals. And then team goals are forked into individual goals. This paradigm lets you build as deep a hierarchy as warranted by your structure. 

On the other hand, software that have only four levels - company, department, team & individual force you into a structure that may not really be suitable for you.

For example, in the above illustration - real-world hierarchy vis-a-vis UpRaise hierarchy is explained.