What are rules?

Rules is how you automate the release notes generation process.

In essence rules are a collection of actions tied together by a trigger. Each rule can have one trigger & multiple actions. There can be multiple rules in any given project as we as on the cross-project screen.

Each rule will have Rule details - a name, a flag that identifies if the rule is enabled & a corresponding trigger. 

Unlike templates, rules can only be created at the local & cross-project level.

That is:

  • an in-project rule can only be used, edited, deleted in the project in which it is created AND

  • a cross-project rule can only be used, edited, deleted from the cross-project screen.

In-project vs Cross-project

Create a rule

Click on the ‘Create’ button from the ‘Rules’ tab on the ARN screen.

You will be brought to the create rule screen. Add relevant information, along with one or more actions & save the rule.

Do note that, actions can only be added after the rule is saved.

Edit a rule

An existing rule can be edited by clicking on the rule name link from the list.

This will bring you to the rule edit screen, which is same as that of create - except, data is pre-populated for the current rule. Make any required changes, click on save and the rule is updated.

Delete a rule

An existing rule can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon from the list.

Clone a rule

Click on the clone icon available for a rule.

This will open a pop-up where rule of the new name can be dictated. By default, ‘Clone -’ text is appended to the original rule’s name.