Release notes generated via ARN are available in multiple formats. Templates & the relevant details for these different formats are available below.

What are template levels - local, global & cross-project?

Templates in any project can be assigned a level - either local or global.

Local templates are accessible only within the same project whereas global templates can be accessed in any project within that Jira instance. This way, global templates can be shared across multiple projects.

Important thing to note - global templates can be edited only from the project they were created in.

Cross-project templates are available only on the cross-project screen. They cannot be made available in any of the projects, nor any in-project templates can be used on the cross-project screen.

Template creation can be controlled from the setting available on Jira admin’s ARN screen. Read more - https://amoeboids.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ARN/pages/202702910