Viewing Enriched Profile

When the Enriched Profiles setting is turned on for a service desk project, all tickets within that project - when accessed by service desk agents would show an additional panel where enriched profile data is surfaced.

Currently following attributes are displayed in the enriched profile:

  • Reporter profile
    • Display name
    • Profile image
    • Link to linkedin profile page
    • Title
    • Role
    • Timezone & Current time
  • Org profile
    • Name
    • Link to linkedin company page
    • About
    • Founded year
    • Location
    • Employees range
    • Estimated annual revenue range


We use third party APIs to retrieve enriched user & org profiles based on the reporter email address & domain. At times, when the data is not available (whole or partial) for given reporter - some/all of the attributes may appear empty.

None of this information is stored on our end at any point in time. Read more in our Privacy Policy.