How to sync UpRaise team to Jira issue custom fields?

Teams attribute is one of the important attributes of UpRaise. If you get to know which team is working on what epic or story then it becomes easier to map your Jira issues according to teams you have in UpRaise. For this, UpRaise introduces a custom field UpRaise Team. This field will be added to your Jira instance once you install UpRaise. 

Once the app is installed, Upraise team custom field will be added to your Jira instance, however Jira admin has to select on which Jira screen you want this custom field to be visible.

How to sync UpRaise team while creating a new issue?

  • Click on create issue from left navigation. 

  • Click on configure fields option at right top corner. 

  • Click on custom option if you are adding UpRaise Team custom field for the time.

  • Check on UpRaise Team custom field. 

  • Notice that on create issue pop up the UpRaise Team custom field is added.

  • Select relevant team name that you want to sync with the issue.

  • Click on create once you are done with adding all appropriate date related to creating an issue. 

How to add UpRaise team custom field by editing existing issues?

  • Open an existing issue where you want to add UpRaise Team custom field.

  • Click on edit option at right top corner.

  • If the UpRaise Team custom field is already configured you will see this field in issue attribute list. 

  • Select relevant team and click on update.