How do I manage teams & team members?


Teams are a group of individuals clubbed together by virtue of one or more common attributes. Every company is made of such teams, grouped by their functions, expertise or some other attributes depending on the business need & strategy. Read more about the concept here.

Create team

From list view or tree view

Navigate to Company directory >> Teams tab option in left/top navigation. There are two views for teams, list view and tree view. Teams can be managed from both views. In below screenshots list and tree view are highlighted displayed. UpRaise dmins/super admins or users with sufficient permissions can add or edit team.

Clicking on Add team, opens up below pop-up 

UpRaise supports the creation of teams with below team attributes -

  • Logo - Team logo/icon. If there is no team logo, it shows the initial of the team name as a team logo.

    • The system accepts any gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp & tiff image up to 5mb as a team logo.

  • Name*- Team’s unique name (Mandatory)

  • Parent team - Prent team to define the team structure/heirarchy

  • Unit - Read What are 'Units' and how to use them in UpRaise?

  • Jira groups - This allows to synce team members with your Jira groups

  • Team lead - This is a special type of team member. This is someone who manages/leads a team

  • Type - Classify your teams based on its niche, departments, etc

  • Team members - Can be manually added or synced with Jira groups

  • Description - Any description of the team  

From users tab

Another way a team can be added is from the users tab while adding or editing a user. New team text would appear in the bracket as highlighted below. When the user is added/updated, the new team will be reflected in the teams tab.

Editing a team

From list or tree view

Editing of the team from the list/tree view entails editing team attributes like name, team lead, parent team, team type, description, team logo, adding or deleting users. Click on Edit option in front of team record that you want to edit.

On the team edit pop up all team attributes are displayed in edit mode. 

Note that while adding or editing a team, team lead needs to be a user who is already available in UpRaise users tab. Importantly, UpRaise users who do not yet have access to UpRaise can also be added to teams & even made team leads. But they will still not be able to access UpRaise until access is given to them. So you can easily build the complete hierarchy and employee data even during pilot & when roll-out is complete, all the users will be properly associated with their teams. 

To edit teams from Tree view, hover on the team and you will see a pencil icon to edit the team. Clicking on ✏️ icon opens up a team editing pop-up.

This is the similar pop up to edit team that opens when you edit a team from the list view.

From team profile page

Teams can be edited from team profile page. Navigate to relevant team profile page by clicking on the team name. Click on Edit option from actions at the top right corner. On edit pop up edit relevant team attributes and click in Update

Deleting a team

A team can only be deleted if there are no users and objectives associated with that team. Remove all the associated users from the team (including the team lead) and objectives then you can delete the team.

Below image shows the Delete option on list view.

On tree view, hover over on the team and it shows a delete icon. The team can be deleted from tree view by clicking on Trash icon. 

On team profile, click on Delete option under action, click on confirm and the team will be deleted if there are no users and objectives associated with the team.

Other actions/information about teams

Users belonging to a selected team

On teams tab, list view also allows UpRaise admin to see the list of users who are members of a particular team (refer to the screenshot below). Clicking on the number of users (link) opens a pop-up that lists down all the users with corresponding managers & teams.

Making a user team lead of a team is automatically reflected on his profile with (TL) - in the users tab as well as on his own profile.

Assigning/deleting a team lead 

While adding or editing a team, one of the existing UpRaise users can be made a team lead. 

A team lead can be removed by editing team attributes or user attributes.

Adding team members 

Addition of team members is possible in two ways.

  • Users can be added to the team by editing their team attribute from users tab while adding a new user or updating an existing one. 

  • Admins can add users in team/s while creating a new team or editing existing team/s. One user can belong to multiple teams.

Removing Team Members

Similarly, there are two ways to remove team member/s from team/s.

  • UpRaise admins can remove users from the team by editing their team attribute from users tab while updating an existing one. 

  • Admins or users with sufficient permissions can remove users from team/s while editing existing team/s.