What are derived attributes & how to use them?

Derived attributes are special type of attributes that are dependent on other attributes & constants. e.g. age is a derived attribute and can be calculated using today's date & the date of birth. UpRaise app supports these special type of attributes.

How does it work?

Unlike other attributes, these derived attributes cannot be assigned any value directly. A formula is associated with them based on which they derive the attribute value for every user, in real time. Continuing with the example of Age - if an attribute Date of birth is already available it is easy to derive Age based on it & the Current date. As shown in images below, a formula (with specific syntax) is associated with such attributes.

UpRaise app currently supports following two derived attributes.

  • Stay with us - Calculates and displayes the duration of the employee's association within company (using current date & given joining date of the employee)

  • Age -  Derives a value that equals to the employee's age (using current date & given date of birth of the employee)

Stay with us

Stay with us attribute is derived from joining date of employment details section. Stay with us attribute provides a value that is equal to the real-time tenure of the employee. As shown in the image below, the type of stay with us attribute is stated as Derived which is selected by default. This attribute type and its formula acnnot be edited as this a defual attribute. Let us see what formula is used to calculate the stay with our value.


DAYSDIFF([CurrentDate], att(9))

This syntax is specific to UpRaise.

How to find the attribute key?

Click on Edit option of attribute from where you want to derive some value (in this case from Joining date attribute). On edit pop-up, notice a number at the right top corner, that is the identifier used in the formula. 

Final output on user profile 

As per the below formula: 

DAYSDIFF([CurrentDate], att(9))

1years,7 months, & 10 days = ([11-01-22] - (21-08-2023))


The same formula is applicable to the Age attribute, which is again a derived attribute from Date of birth.


DAYSDIFF([CurrentDate], att(305))

This syntax is specific to UpRaise .

Final output on a user profile 

As per formula below -

DAYSDIFF([CurrentDate], att(2235))

34years,04 months, and 17 days = ([21 Aug 2023] - (04 Apr 1989))