How to manage columns on users page in company directory?


An option to customize columns of company directory in list view & thumbnail view allows flexibility on the way one wants to see users.

List view

Thumbnail view


Previously there was a Column option which allowed to add different user attributes as columns. As an enhancement, we have introduced Segments function and removed Columns option.

Segments is an enhanced way of creating saved user filters. These segmanets can be further used in bulk user updates, reports, etc. Let us see how to use segments.

Create segments

  • Navigate to Company directory >> Users tab >> Create segment

  • On Create segment pop-up -

    • Name - Segment name

    • Filters tab -

      • Add required filters

For example, in below screenshot, since the segment is My team - Sales, the selected filter is Team and Value is Sales. This means this will retrieve all the Sales team members in Active status. This way one can apply different filters like, UpRaise Role, Designation, one or more user names, etc.

  • Columns tab -

    • Columns tab has Available filters, these are all the custom and default user attributes. You can add them as columns based on what information you wish see on the segment.

    • Visible columns are a few default columns and basically the defualt user attributes

Add required columsn, sort them by moving up/down.

  • Visiblity tab -

    • By default, selected visibility option is Private. However, you can make it Public by selecting All users option or Make it visible for Selected users and team.

Once all the set up is done, click on Save.

Edit segments

  • Select the relevant segment and click on Edit. Make nesessary changes and Save.

Other actions on segments

Clicking on the Actions shows three options.

  • Export to Excel - This will export the users based on segment, its columns and any filters applied.

  • Sync & import - This allows you to sync users with Jira &/or import users from Jira. Read Sync/import users from Jira.

  • Bulk edit all <number of> users - You can do bulk user updates using this option. Read Bulk edit user profile attributes.


Segments are saved filters. These may retrieve many users based on the users filters in the segment. Over the segments, if you wish to apply filters and get more specific user list, you can use filters.

As shown in above image, Clicking on Filters shows some default filters and more can be added using Add new filters, these are all custom user attributes. Reset option will remove newly added filters. Please notes these filters are not retained when you refresh or naviagte to some other page.