One on one performance review

In v3.9.5 of UpRaise, we have released a new workflow for self & manager review template for One-On-One discussions. This workflow can be typically used when you wish to conduct a performance review of the team member and there is no HR interaction in the process.

Use cases of such reviews are weekly manager & team member discussions, monthly or quarterly manager and executive discussions on the ongoing work.  

Read Workflows for self & manager (previously, performance) review base template#One-On-Onediscussions  to understand how this form is transitioned in the system. 

Designing One-On-One discussions template 

UpRaise admin or super admin can click on 'forms' section under 'administration', then click on 'templates' and then on 'create new template'. Select 'Self & manager review' (previously 'performance review') type from the pop-up and click next.


In the next step, select one-on-one discussions workflow. You can look at the flowchart to understand how different transitions are handled. 

After clicking on 'next', user is brought to the 'form builder' page where he can add questions to different tabs. These tabs are based on responsibility as well as visibility of different stakeholders involved (team member, reviewer).

By using different question types, design your template and save. Or save and next to distribute it right away. 

Distributing One-On-One discussions template 

Read How to distribute a self & manager (previously, performance) review template? for more details.