Add import OKRs option in the template

As per OKRs philosophy, it is not recommended to make OKRs a part of your performance reviews. However, these are not thumb rules, organizations may have their own processes.  We have a lot of requests from our existing customers, hence this feature has been added to the forms module of UpRaise. Let us see how to build a template with OKRs import option. 

Currently, import OKRs is available only for self and manager review forms.

Add import OKRs option while designing a template 

Field settings

  • Clicking on the comment box just below the grading scale in the right side section would open field settings options.

  • Field setting allows you to customize attributes by editing the grading scale, start and end tags on the grading scale, instructions, making import OKRs mandatory or optional, extra comment box, etc. 

  • Scores will be associated by default with OKRs and reviewers will be asked to add weightages to OKRs while importing them in the form. 

  • You can also start the scale at 1 or 0. 

Once you are done with field settings, you can save the form along with other questions in the templates or use save & next option to distribute for immediately. 

  • You can add import objective option only in 'Team & Reviewer' tab.

  • You cannot add import OKRs option multiple times in one template.

Change in workflow when you add import OKRs in a template 

There will be a change in the workflow when you add import OKRs option. Normally form would be assigned to team member  (if team member assessment followed by reviewer workflow is selected) or team member & reviewer both (if team member followed by reviewer workflow in selected in UpRaise server version). However, when you add import OKRs option, form will be assigned to the reviewer first so he/she can import OKRs and add weightages. Once that is done, form will be transitioned according to the normal workflow.