Get templates

Use below endpoint to get details UpRaise form templates. 

  • Syntax - <Jira base URL>/rest/amoeboids-upraise/1.0/form/getTemplates
  • Example -

This API returns data about all forms templates in UpRaise. 


No other inputs are needed in the request in the endpoint URL.

ParentParameterTypeDescriptionPossible values

startAtNumberThis parameter is to define starting index for the search results10, 15, 20, etc

maxResultsNumber This parameter to define max results on each page10, 20, etc

totalNumberTotal number of results100, 50, 250. 300, etc

resultsObjectThis objective consist of all data points of returned results
resultsidNumberTemplate id1, 2, 3, 5, etc
Template nameQuarterly performance review for managers
Template descriptionExample - This template is created for performance reviews of all managers in the company. This templated will be distributed every quarter
resultsstatusObjectThis objective consist of all data points of template status
  • id
  • name
statusidNumberStatus id
  • 1
  • 2
statusnameStringStatus name
  • Draft
  • Finalised

resultsbaseTemplateStringBase template name
resultsmodifiedByObjectThis objective consist of all data points of user details who modified the template at last
resultsworkflowStringWorkflow name
  • Team member assessment followed by Reviewer
  • Team member and Reviewer in parallel
  • One-on-One discussions
resultsnoOfDistributionsNumberTotal number of template distributions 10,15, 25, 30, etc
resultscategoriesObjectThis objective consist of all data point of template categories
  • id
  • name
categoriesidNumberCategory id1, 20, 25, 50, etc
categoriesnameStringCategory nameManager reviews, team reviews, etc
resultsgetQuestionsUrlStringUrl endpoint to retrieve template questions