Disabling UpRaise for Employee Success

You can enable or disable UpRaise for Employee Success add-on from the Manage add-ons page. Disabling the add-on makes its features unavailable in Jira, but it doesn't actually remove the add-on. Disabling the add-on is sometimes useful for troubleshooting Jira problems. If Employee Success is disabled, it can be re-enabled later.

If you want to remove UpRaise for Employee Success completely from your Jira, uninstall the add-on.

Steps to disable

  1. As a user with Jira administrative privileges, click the Manage add-ons link in the administration menu. 

  2. Find UpRaise for Employee Success in the installed add-on list by searching or browsing to the add-on.

  3. Click disable.

  4. If prompted, restart your application to have your change take effect. Once UpRaise for Employee Success is disabled, its features are immediately unavailable in Jira. If existing artifacts use the add-on, you may see an error message. For example, if you disable Employee Success when its gadgets are added to the Jira dashboard, the corresponding section will display an error.

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