Pre-launch checklist

Your team has finalized the decision to adopt UpRaise for building a winning team. Now it's your responsibility to ensure smooth & speedy adoption. Use our pre-launch checklist below:

  • Do you have the executive sponsorship?

    • This entire exercise of adopting APM or any portion thereof such as OKRs takes time. Without sponsorship from someone with authority, there is little to no chance of success. 

  • Have you identified early OKR champions & started training them around the framework?

    • For the efforts to come to fruition, they must be backed by the framework enthusiasts. These people should be made aware of the benefits the adoption is going to bring along. Champions, as we call them, can be one person or more than one members depending on your size. 

    • Once identified, make sure that the Champions are trained sufficiently & that they have been given ample authority to add checks & balances as they see fit, during adoption.

  • Have you documented the goal/motive behind the adoption of APM or any portion thereof such as OKRs?

    • It is important to 'know' the purpose behind the adoption of any management framework. Without a purpose, chances are you wouldn't know where you are going. There is no better way than to document the reasoning behind your actions. 

    • Do take inputs from your executive sponsor, champions while documenting the responses here.

  • Have you put together a communication strategy?

    • Make use of multi-media teasers, hoardings to get employees excited about the concept. Make sure the benefits are clearly conveyed to them.

    • Get all the executives, team leaders & managers involved. Involve them proactively in the launch activities.