Release notes formatting - table & sequential layouts


Release notes content can be laid out in either tabular or sequential format. This feature is available only for one of the two variants of JQL section pop-up explainer here -


Table & sequential layouts are available in

  • Email

    • Email body

  • PDF

    • PDF content

  • Confluence

    • Page content

  • HTML

    • Content

  • Markdown

    • Content

How to

While adding/editing a JQL section, navigate to the ‘layout’ tab. There lies the option to choose either of the formats - Table or Sequential.

‘Table' format is chosen by default when a JQL section is added for the first time.

Table format

This formatting is fairly straight forward & does not need any additional configurations. All the fields that are selected, will be displayed as table columns from left to right. There will be a table header whose column titles will be populated from field customisations ( ). Below is a sample screenshot of the generated release notes in tabular format.

Sequential format

When sequential format is selected in the JQL section pop-up, a layout section appears that is specific to the this format.

Desired layout needs to be ‘designed’ within this area. Here, the ‘design’ is simply a sequence of available variables. These variables are displayed based on what fields you have chosen on the second tab.

Any fields that you have selected to be used, can be arranged in any order you wish. For every field that is configured under 'FIELDS' section on the left, there will be two variables on the right. One that will fetch the field value & other to fetch its display label. e.g. for Priority field there are two variables - {priority} & {priorityLabel}.

Required condition is, you have to add fields & their configurations before they can be used in the Layout section. The layout created will be repeated for every issue that is returned by your section JQL. For example, layout in the above screenshot will generate data that looks like below screenshot.

If you are using Priority, Status, Issue type in your layout - the generated email/pdf could be a bit mis-aligned because these issue fields are images.

To avoid this, modify the field configuration for these fields - and check the box 'display as text'.