Setting up Jira Service Desk


With ARN, one can publish an announcement on a Jira service desk customer portal. Specific use case being, announcing release of a new version or an impending release etc.

To achieve this, ARN relies on basic authentication provided by the user. Note that, this user should have permission to create announcements on service desk portals that will be used in actions.

Set up credentials

Jira administrators will be able to see the 'Configurations' page under Administration → Apps → Automated Release Notes section.

Integrations tab is where JSD credentials are to be provided. Provide email/username & password/api token before clicking on 'Submit'. On click of submit, the credentials will be saved only if they are successfully verified by the API. If there is some kind of error, the data will not be saved. Relevant message will be displayed on screen.


  • These credentials are stored in database. They are encrypted & can be decrypted only by the application.

Cloud version only 

Recently Atlassian has updated its cloud applications to allow only the API tokens. Basic authentication (using password) does not work anymore. API tokens can be generated from your Atlassian account - follow these steps. Thus for the Cloud version of Confluence, use the generated API token in place of password.