Release pages & widgets

This feature is available only for the cloud version of ARN.

Release pages

Release page is the easiest way to publish release notes or changelog on a public page. Once the release page setup is saved and rules are configured, the release page is updated whenever configured rules are triggered.

Create release page

Refer to the

Edit release page

Clicking on the name of the existing release page brings you to the edit screen. It is exactly the same as creating, only that the existing data is pre-populated & can be modified.

Note that, issue details in Release page content layout section cannot be modified if there are one or more releases associated with that release page. Observe the message displayed below.

The only way to modify these fields is to delete existing releases from the release page & then come back to edit release page to update issue details.

Delete release page

Clicking on the Trash icon on the release pages listing section will trigger the Delete action. Note that, the release page can be deleted only after it has been removed from any rule actions.

Deleting a release page is irreversible.

Release page subscription

Release page subscription lets users subscribe to your release page updates. They stay informed through automated email notifications when new release is posted on the release page.

To enable subscribe button on your release page, go to release page configurations page & enable Allow new subscribers toggle.

When user clicks on Subscribe button on release page, they will be prompted to enter their email address. User will get an email to confirm their subscription. Upon confirmation of subscription by the user, they will be added as active subscriber for your release page.

Automated notifications to subscribers

You can enable automated email notifications to the subscribers by enabling Send updates to subscribers toggle shown in above image.

When you enable this toggle, you need to map a release page notification template and select send via email (default email Id or custom email configured through SMTP settings). Every time a new release is updated on the release page, an automated email notification will be sent to all active subscribers.

Release page notifications email template

For release page notifications, we have introduced a new type of email template called Release page notifications. This template can be added from the templates tab.

Release page notifications template can be mapped in the release page configurations explained above. This type of template shall not be available for mapping under any other rule actions.



Widget is a brand new way to communicate release notes directly with your customers. It lets you embed the release notes in the form of a widget, directly in your web or mobile app. Once configured, you get a Javascript snippet that can be added to any HTML page for the widget to appear.

Create widget

Edit Widget

Delete widget