Roadmap portal - access & permissions

Roadmap portal app is available only on the Service desk projects in Jira. Additionally, creating/editing/deleting of boards within the Roadmap portal is limited to users who are Administrators on the given Jira service desk project.

Service desk team can access the boards from within the Jira service desk, when logged in. But they don’t have necessary permissions to edit/delete or create boards.

Customer facing roadmap portal’s visibility is controlled from the board’s configurations. If it is set to public then anyone can view contents of the board without logging in. But if the configuration is set to private, then the portal content can be accessed only after logging in.


Below are the different roles related to roadmap board. 

  • Administrator

  • Service desk team

  • Customer


This is your JSD project administrator. Administrator/s can manage the entire roadmap portal app. They can also create new boards & edit or delete existing ones. 

Service desk team

These are your JSD agents who can access the JSD project with limited permissions set by administrator. They can view the entire board, add comments, vote. They can also add new requests as their own requests or on behalf of the customers. 

Users with this role can access the roadmap portal from the JSD project menu or via portal link. They cannot add new board or edit/delete existing ones. 

Service desk customers

These are the users of your software product who have logged in via your Jira service desk portal. These users can access the board only via portal link. They cannot add new board or edit/delete them. These users also have the permissions to vote & comment on the roadmap items.

How to manage project roles?

Only JSD project administrators can manage project roles. 

  • Navigate to you JSD project

  • Click on project settings

  • Click on people 

  • On this page, you can add new users and provide them access with relevant roles.

  • You can also remove users from project or edit their existing roles by clicking on the roles dropdown.