How to publish company directory to non-admin users?

This setting has been deprecated from the app. You can publish company directory from roles & permission settings.

What is company directory?

UpRaise administrators can publish company directory to non-admin users. It will be view only data, non-admin users can make any changes in company directory records only if they have sufficient permissions.

How to publish company directory?

By default company directory (both team and users) is turned on & made available to all active non-admin users. 


  • Click on company directory option in administration section.

  • Click on users tab.

  • Turn on the setting publish company directory.

 This will allow non-admin UpRaise users to have a link to 'view only' company directory. Non-admin users can view list of all users (except deleted, deactivated or users with no-access to UpRaise).


  • Click on company cirectory option in administration section.

  • Click on teams tab.

  • Turn on the option called publish teams in company directory (when published, non-admin users can view teams in list as well as tree view)

Read What is company directory? know more about user facing company directory attributes.