How to manage team types?

Team type attribute is associated with UpRaise teams to define different levels or types of teams within organization. For example - You have a team call Human Resources and this is one of the department level teams of your organization. Then HR team can be classified as department using team type. These team types are also helpful when you want to create extra levels of objectives, read Objective levels. Let us see how to manage these team types. 

Navigate to company directory >> teams tab >> above type column click on manage link & follow steps below for respective actions

Add team type

  • Type the name of new type 

  • Click on add 

Edit team type 

  • Mouse over on the team type that you want to edit

  • Click on pencil icon and edit the name

  • Click on update

Delete team type

  • Delete action will be available only for team types those are not associated with any team

  • Click on delete option in front of such team type 

  • Confirm action

Based on these team types you can create extra levels of objectives read Objective levels


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