What is manage (previously advanced) tab on continuous feedback page?

Advanced tab on continuous feedback tab allows UpRaise admins/super admins to manage a few default settings for feedback labels and share with settings. 

Following are the different types of default settings available on manage tab :

  • Tags

  • Manage feedback labels

  • Default visibility

  • Feedback links

  • Other settings


Read https://amoeboids.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/UP/pages/62163512 for more details.

Manage feedback labels

Feedback labels are to classify your feedback depending on different organizational values, expertise, departments, etc. These labels are also useful when you want to filter feedback on My Feedback page.

Previously UpRaise used to allow to create new feedback labels while creating or editing feedback. However, there was no control of administrators over creating number of new feedback labels or defining some default labels. To make that possible, we have added new tab called 'manage (previously called as advanced tab)'. This tab is available on feedback page. Let us see how this helps admins to keep control over feedback labels.

Permission to create new labels while creating/editing feedback

  • When this option is checked, all UpRaise users will be able to create a new label while creating or editing feedback.

  • When this option is unchecked, UpRaise users will not be able to create new labels while creating or editing feedback. They will only be able to use default feedback labels defined by UpRaise admins.(as shown in highlighted part 2)

Feedback labels 

  • This lists all labels defined by admins or non-admin users(depending on 'Allow label creation while creating/editing objective' option true or false)

  • UpRaise admins can delete existing labels by clicking on 'x' for each label.

  • When any label is deleted, it will be deleted from every associated feedback.

  • Email notification will be sent to the label creator about the obliteration of that label.

Create new labels

  • This option allows UpRaise admins to create a new label.

  • This option can be used to create new labels. UpRaise admins can also create a new label right from give/edit feedback pop-up even if 'Allow label creation while creating/editing objective' is unchecked.

New users, those are using UpRaise 3.7.7v and above will have default list of labels. Creation of new labels or removal of existing labels will be allowed only to admin and super admins by default. Of course, you can change this setting later as shown in point one in Manage feedback labels section above.

  • List of default labels

    • Adaptability

    • Communication

    • Decision making

    • Motivation

    • Planning

    • Problem-solving

    • Quality of delivery

    • Reliability

    • Teamwork

Default visibility

UpRaiseadmin or super admins can decide the default visibility of feedback. Once UpRaise admin or super admin selects an option as default, it will be available as default selection while creation/giving a new feedback. 

This option helps users avoid the possibility of selecting a wrong sharing option at the time of feedback creation. 


Users with sufficient permissions will have an opportunity to override the default selection

These settings let you decide whether UpRaise users should be allowed to give/request feedback on objectives and KRs. You can uncheck all three options. If all three options are unchecked, system would still allow users to give/request feedback & it will not be associated with any of the types (issues, objectives & KRs).

Other settings

This settings allows users to give feedback to multiple users.