What information does my feedback page show?

My feedback page in the continuous feedback tab on feedback page lists all the feedback exchanges that you are a party to. There are different tabs on my feedback page. Let us check them one by one.


As the name suggests this section lists all feedbacks you have received from other UpRaise users. It can be anyone from the organization, like your peers, managers, subordinates, etc. Irrespective of whether feedback has a label or not, or if it is associated or isn't associated with a Jira issue - it will be available under this tab.



Any feedback that you have given is listed on this tab.




In shared section of my feedback page, you can see the list of all feedback exchanges that are shared with you explicitly & where you are not the giver/receiver. This section also lists feedback that is shared with all users & where you are not the giver/receiver.



All the feedback requests that you create & that you receive are listed under this tab. The actual feedback that is added in response may be visible under given, received or shared depending on the context. In any case, a request which has been responded shows a relevant visual indicator.



Notes (previously, yet to be shared)

These are sort of your private notes. While creating these notes, you can select a receiver and draft a feedback message. In shared with option, select none option so feedback will not be visible to anyone and will be drafted a note. When you are ready to share the feedback just click on 'share' button to share the feedback with other users.



Conversations feature is now deprecated because of its low adoption. The screenshot below is from one of the older versions of the app.