Objective punch in

  • Navigate to Jira REST API Browser.

  • Add this link ↓ to search field at the left corner.

    • amoeboids-upraise/1.0/okr/objective/{id}/comment

  • Enter an objective id and JSON body for the request with the following format.

{ "progressPercent": 19.2, "comment": { "message": "comment message goes here", "sharedWith": 2, "sharedWithUsers": ["user-key1", "user-key2"] } }
  • Progress percent: Current progress percentage of objective.

  • Comment message: Comment about the progress update

  • Shared with: 1 to share with all users, 2 to share with selected users

  • Shared with users: Add usernames in double quotes separated by a comma only when sharing it with selected users.  


Once you send objective id and JSON request, this API updates the progress percentage of the objective and that will be shared with given users. Otherwise returns appropriate errors for invalid id/ objective deleted or user has no access to view that objective.

This punch in activity also send necessary email notifications to responsible users/owners of objective, selected users in share with the list, and all watchers(if any). 


If the object already has key result/s or objective alignments (contributing) then the system will give you an error since progress can only be punched in if there are no key results or given alignments. 

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