How to sync UpRaise teams with Jira groups?

Create a team that is synced with Jira groups

UpRaise allows you to create team/s those can be synced with your existing Jira group/s. Let us see how to create teams synced with Jira group/s. 

  • Navigate to company directory >>> teams tab

  • Click on add team.

  • On add team pop-up -

    • Type team name 

    • Click on Jira groups field and select group/s from the drop-down those you want to sync with UpRaise team.

      • You can select multiple Jira groups for one team

      • When Jira Groups are selected you cannot manage members at team level.

  • Select a user as team lead, this team lead has to be the one from the Jira group members & that is mandatory. 

  • Select parent team, you can select any UpRaise team here irrespective of if it is synced with Jira groups or not

  • Add team type and description.

  • Click on save.

Things you should know when you sync UpRaise team/s with Jira group/s

  • You cannot add or remove users manually in/from such team/s. Every user who is Jira group member will be the UpRaise team member.

  • If you want add or remove users in/from these teams you should edit your Jira group and that will be synced with UpRaise team.

    • In the list view & tree view, team/s those is./are synced with Jira groups is/are visually highlighted. 

  • List view 

  • Tree View

  • Teams those are synced through Jira groups, their members are not modifiable even through HRMS sync.

  • While editing the team, if user changes the Jira user group - existing members are flushed out and users from the updated Jira group will be populated as members.

  • On the similar lines, if I want a team to be no more synced with a Jira user group - all existing team members will be flushed out.

  • Similarly, when an existing team (not yet synced with any Jira group/s) is being updated to sync with Jira user group/s then users from the updated Jira group/s are populated as members and previous team members from the team those are not related to any Jira group are flushed out.

  • Whenever there are changes in the group members, same is synced to corresponding UpRaise teams.