What is UpRaise panel or tab on Jira issue detail page?

The tight integration of UpRaise and Jira allows you to integrate Jira issues/epics with different UpRaise modules. Jira issues/epics can be made KRs or KR actions within OKRs. Also, you can give or request feedback on Jira issues. To have quick visibility to UpRaise and Jira issues/epics' association, UpRaise panel (for server version) & UpRaise tab in cloud version are added. 

UpRaise panel on server version of Jira 

I above image, you can see the UpRaise panel. Under this panel, there are two sections.  

Objectives & KRs

In objectives and KRs section, system allows you to connect Jira issue/epic with objectives as KRs or as action in KRs. This connection is also added on Jira issue detail page to get a quick look of all related objectives or KRs. Apart from this, you also get two quick buttons i.e. 'link as KR & ling as an Action' to connect issue easy from issue detail page itself.


In the above image, issue is added as KR as well as action just for the sec of example. It is recommended to add any Jira issue either as KR in an objective or as action in KRs. Read Jira issues/epics as KRs or Jira issues/epics as actions?

Continuous feedback

Whatever feedback are given or requested on any type of Jira issue are visible on relevant Jira issue detail page. Refer to another section called 'continuous feedback' in the above image. You can also make use of give feedback and request feedback options as quick actions. My feedback link navigates you to my feedback page of UpRaise. 

UpRaise panel on cloud version of Jira 


In Cloud version of UpRaise, UpRaise panel is available as a tab under the activity section of Jira issue detail page. Similar to UpRaise server version, you can associate Jira issues and epics as KRs in objectives. You can also give and request feedback on Jira issues from Jira issue detail page itself. 


  • Note that, on both UpRaise server and cloud version, visibility of UpRaise panel and association of Jira issues as KRs/KR action or giving & requesting feedback is completely dependent on the project restriction settings. Read How do I manage project restrictions in UpRaise?

  • If OKRs or feedback feature is disabled by admins, you won't be able to associate Jira issues with the disabled feature nor you will see any options for that. Read How do I use only certain features in UpRaise?