How to use the form builder?

While creating or editing a template, one has to rely on UpRaise form builder. This form builder supports multiple question types. Different tabs available within the form builder are dependent on what type of base template was selected in the first step of template creation. Here is how to make use of form builder.

What's explained below is generic & independent of the base template type. Template type-specific information will be available in the corresponding articles.

Form settings

  • Name - Name of the template

  • Description - Additional details about the questionnaire (sometimes teams can use this field to convey instructions that are applicable at the template level)

  • Show Feedback Tab - this displays 'continuous feedback' in an assistant while filling up the form for quick reference (uncheck this if you are not using continuous feedback or don't want to make use of that as a reference)

Add a field

Click on any question type in the left-hand section & that question will be added to active tab on the right-hand side. Once added, this question can be deleted/cloned or its relative position can be modified by up/down arrows.

Field settings

Click on any question in the right-hand section & it will automatically reveal settings for that type of question. These settings will vary based on selected question type. For example - a section start element will have a different type of settings than a multiple choice question.

Some common settings include

  • Instructions - Space for additional instructions at question level

  • Mandatory - If checked, user cannot submit the form without answering the question

  • Add comment box - If checked, user can put down additional comments for the corresponding question (do note, comment box cannot be made mandatory while responding)

  • Score &  Weightage -  If checked, the system will automatically return a score for that question based on the answer that was selected.