Workflow for 360 review form

Workflows are useful in controlling the flow & status transitions of the distributed templates. They allow you to manage how the distributed template will move forward in the review process. Currently, there is one workflow for 360 review template i.e. assign to UpRaise admin - 360 review. 

Assign to UpRaise Admin - 360 Review


You can notice in the image given above, how the distributed template moves ahead in the review process. Refer following steps to understand the workflow.


In all the following steps term 'Reviewer' is used commonly for managers, peers & direct reports as they are supposed to give a review for a team member. In the case of self-assessment, team member will also be treated as a reviewer for himself. 


  • The 360 review template with this workflow will be distributed by UpRaise admin or super admin.

  • If self-assessment option was selected, team member will receive an email notification accordingly.

  • Else, only reviewers will receive an email notification about the review form distribution. In the same email, reviewer will be notified the name of team member for whom he/she has to give a review.

  • The reviewer will open the form and respond to the questionnaire,  If needed, he can save it as the draft and share it later. 

  • Once the reviewer is done with his responses, he/she will mark it as complete.

  • Once marked as complete, UpRaise admin/ super admin (whoever has distributed the form) will receive the notification. 

  • If need occurs, UpRaise admin/ super admin (whoever has distributed the form) may reopen the form. Once reopened, the same flow & status transitions will continue from the beginning.


In this type of form, if self-assessment option is unchecked at the time of distribution then team member will not have any idea that the review has been conducted for him/her. 

Different statuses used In this Workflow

  • Not started: Once the form is distributed and no action is yet taken by the reviewer.

  • In progress: When the reviewer has saved responses as a draft.

  • Complete: When the reviewer is done with his responses and clicks on complete option.

  • Reopened: When admin or super admin (whoever has distributed form) reopens form for some reason.