View responses page for 360 review form

If you want to check responses from users on distributed or closed forms, then click on view responses button.

Overall distribution progress on view responses page

Once clicked on 'view response', UpRaise admin (one who has distributed form)/super admin/user with sufficient permissions can check the overall progress of the distribution. This form has three tabs:

  • Forms 

  • Reports

  • Details


Form tab contains, progress status of distribution, list of all forms distributed amongst different users with current statuses all forms. 

Starting from the top highlighted part in above image:

i -Annual 360 performance review sales is distribution name

ii - Process end date/due date of the review form.

iii - First tab 'forms' on the view responses page.

iv - A pie chart that shows how much progress has been made on entire distribution.

v - Team member column shows name of the team member who is being reviewed.

vi- Response type column shows the list of reviewer types i.e. manager, peers, direct reports, self (if self assesment is true) involved in the review process.

vii - Reviewer column shows the list of user names who are involved in the process as reviewers. 

viii - In the status column, you can check actions taken by individuals on their review forms. These statuses will change according to the workflows of the respective template.

ix - Scores column shows scores obtained by users involved in the distribution. Scores are shown as actual scores (obtained scores) against possible scores. Check How does score calculation work in all UpRaise forms (without sections)? 

'Scores' column will be added only when scores are associated with the review form. Even if scores are associated, atleast one form in the distribution should be in 'completed' status.

ix - Assigned to column shows the current assignee of the form.

x - In the action column, click on 'view' to check answers given by reviewers. If the distribution is in closed status and you need to open the form again for an individualyou can use open option for that. Print option is simply to print the form. Refer image shown below:


'Response type, reviewer & assigned to' columns will show reviewer's names or will be shown as anonymous depending on anonymity settings done by form distributor.

Eg. Image ↓ :  This is a different distribution, distributed with some anonymity settings. You can notice, response type, reviewer and assigned to are marked as anonymous. 



UpRaise has a feature called 'reports' in administration to generate different reports around distributions and templates. However, this section on view responses page gives you a quick access to the respective distribution. 



 You just need to click on report type and system generates a report against the respective distribution. Read What is 360 template report?


Details tab shows all information about what settings were made while distributing a form.