What languages are supported by ARN?

  • Right now ARN is available in following language packs

    • English

    • German

    • French

    • Russian

    • Romanian

    • Polish

    • Chinese (Simplified)

    • Hungarian

    • Spanish (Spain)

  • We are expanding the supported languages, if you are looking for a specific one contact us

How to clone contents of a global template?

  • Native ‘clone' functionality can be used for local templates.

  • For global templates, simply copy source of the template & paste it into the other template (after clearing its original content). Refer gif below.

ARN menu is not available in the project sidebar?

How to use the [confluenceURL] variable?

  • confluenceURL variable makes the URL of Confluence page available, which was created or updated via an ARN action. Here’s how it works:

    • To use the confluenceURL variable user need to perform following action

      • Create Email template with ‘confluenceURL’ variable

      • Create rule with Confluence and email action

      • The confluence action must be before the email action to get ‘confluenceURL’ variable gets filled

    • Handing over URL information for variable

      • Case 1.

        • Sequence is Confluence → Confluence → Email

        • Here system will fill/handover URL of 2nd action

      • Case 2.

        • Sequence is Confluence → email → Confluence → email

        • Here system will fill/handover URL of both actions for each respective email actions

      • Case 3.

        • Sequence is email → Confluence → Confluence

        • Here system will not fill/handover any URL actions as confluence action is configured after Email action

Some of my templates are not available in the dropdown selector while creating/editing an action?

  • The template selector dropdown by default shows 10 templates. If you have more, just type in the name of these templates and search results would be displayed dynamically.

How to control width of table columns within generated release notes?

How to add images in my templates?

  • Images can be added to email & pdf templates within ARN. Navigate to the template editor via create or edit & use the 'image' icon in the editor to insert an image. One can also modify height & width of the inserted image according to your needs. This is specifically useful for adding logos, headers & footers to the templates.

What are the limitations of an evaluation license?

  • None for cloud.

  • For server/DC, we cap use of evaluation licenses at 3 months. After that you will be blocked from using the app until a commercial license is purchased.

JQL is correct but throws errors?

  • Make sure that versionName variable is used within double quotes

    • for example, project=[projectId] and issueType=improvement and fixVersion="[versionName]" ORDER BY component ASC, priority DESC

How to use Jira service desk url if customers (who don't have access to Jira) are the target audience?

  • When you choose fields, each one of them have specific properties associated with them.

  • For key, summary & linked issues - ARN supports 'display as link' property. This allows you to configure whether the Key/Summary is formatted as a hyperlink in your template.

  • By default, Jira url of the issues are used. But if necessary, one can also use customer portal urls instead. This is helpful when target audience of your release emails are your customers who don't have access to Jira.

How to get ‘source’ of the template?

  • All the templates that work in the ‘visual template builder’ are basically HTML templates. For troubleshooting, we may need you to share this HTML source with us. Here is how to get this source.

    • Navigate to any template detail page

    • Within the editor toolbar there will be <> option

    • Click on it & it will reveal the HTML source

    • Copy the content into a text file & share with us