How to pass custom variables through webhooks

Now, you can define custom variables in ARN template JQLs and pass their value from a Webhook URL parameter.

Use case this tries to solve is - if the external application has some additional parameter that is also available in Jira. e.g. passing labels from the external application.

Let’s see the steps:

Step 1

  • Create/edit any type of template in ARN

  • In the JQL section within the template, include a custom variable in the JQL like this. [labelName] is the custom input variable below.

    1 project = "[projectId]" and fixVersion ="[versionId]" and labels = "[labelName]"

Step 2

While passing values of custom variables in the webhook URL, spaces and special characters should be replaced with relevant URL encoded values.
Example : If the value of a labels field is “ARN & Roadmap Portal”, then it will be passed in the webhook URL like this:

You can use any online service like this to convert the variable value in valid format.

Important points to note