Objective levels

By default, UpRaise offers OKRs at 3 levels - Company, Team, Individual. Team OKRs can have multiple layers based on different team types. Despite this, some companies wanted more flexibility in terms of naming their own OKR levels. 

From v3.9.2, manage tab of OKR page has a section called objective levels. This section allows you to define your own objective levels. In the database, objective levels are still the default ones i.e Company, Team & Individual. However, it is possible to use a display name that is different. 


Along with the three main OKR levels, you can enable multiple levels based on team type. For e. g. if you have defined team types like department, sub-department, squads, etc. So if you check the above option, it will create separate objective levels for each team type. 

Impact of objective level customization 

When you customize these levels as per your requirements, this customization impacts in different areas within app. Here is a quick list - 

  • Browse OKRs default filter dropdowns (dropdown at the top of the browse OKRs page and the one in filter popup) 

  • Create objective pop-up

  • Contribute to and receive contribution pop-up while creating objective alignments

  • OKR progress charts

  • Objective Cycle Status & Compliance Report

  • UpRaise gadgets on dashboards

  • Email notification (Notification will contain information with customized level names)