How to import Jira users to UpRaise?


An option to import users via Jira groups is only available for the Server version of UpRaise

Once UpRaise is installed on your Jira instance, navigate to company directory >> users tab. You'd see that UpRaise has a few users in the company directory those were added at the time of installation. 


UpRaise previously used to auto import all Jira users to UpRaise once the app is installed. However, to manage UpRaise user access more efficiently we have added an import option that lets admins to import specific Jira group/s to UpRaise. As shown in the image above, click on import option. 

You'd see import users pop-up that lets you select your existing Jira group/s. Select relevant Jira group/s to give UpRaise access to users from those selected Jira group/s and click on import.


Once imported, all Jira users from selected Jira group/s will get added to UpRaise company directory. Depending on  UpRaise access settings, imported users will get the relevant user role as listed below.

  • If UpRaise access is set to 'user based access' then imported user will be in no access role.

  • If UpRaise access is set to 'all users' then imported users will get user role and UpRaise access as non admin users.

  • If UpRaise access is set 'Jira group based access', imported users will have access only if their respective Jira group/s is/are not restricted from UpRaise, else restricted Jira group members will be in no access role.

Read How to manage UpRaise access? for more details on UpRaise access settings.

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