How to manage Employee Success access?

In many cases, the requirement is to restrict UpRaise access to certain Jiar users. There are multiple reasons for doing this. A few that we have come across frequently

  • Outsiders (non-employees) have access to Jira & companies do not want them to be able to access UpRaise.

  • Another use case for having restricted access is when you want to roll out UpRaise gradually.

  • Users want to allow or restrict UpRaise access to specific Jira group/s.

UpRaise access can be configured through the setting in company directory under administration. 

Following is applicable to UpRaise V3.6.8 & above

Server version of UpRaise

There are three possible options. Only one can be selected at a time. You can make use of these three options to manage access to UpRaise for imported users. Read How to import Jira users to UpRaise? for more details. Access these options from general settings tab on settings page.

  • All users

  • User based access

  • Jira group based access

By default, UpRaise access will be set to  "User based access", where only Jira admin and selected users by Jira admin (while onboarding UpRaise) will have access to UpRaise.

All users

When you select all users option, every active Jira group member of imported Jira group/s will be able to access UpRaise. All users except admin/super admin will be assigned the role of 'user', which can be later changed to admin/super admin if needed.

User based access

When you select user based access option, you are opting to choose access levels on a per user basis. When turning to this option, all imported users will be set to 'no access' except existing UpRaise admin/super admin. You will need to make use of the "UpRaise role" column to change user's role from No access to user/admin/super admin (refer Images below) & update. In this way, each user's UpRaise role is dictated at the user level.

This option is typically useful when the number of users in your company are not beyond say 200-500. After that it becomes difficult to manage access on a per user basis.

e.g. In the below snap as user based access option is selected, all users except admin/super admin are marked with 'no access'.

Jira group based access


Let us say you have Jira groups such as developers, project managers, leads etc. and you have imported all them to UpRaise. You grant or deny access to the set of users by selecting these groups with deny access or grant access options. This will allow you to control UpRaise access & to limit it to explicitly selected groups

You can notice in the above image, if you select the first option called "grant access" then the selected groups will get access to UpRaise and rest will be restricted from accessing UpRaise. When you select "deny access" then selected groups are restricted to access and rest will get access. Once you select any option, you will get a drop-down list of imported Jira groups, you can make a selection and click on save.