My dashboard

This Darsbaord has been changed in 5.x versions. Please take a look at the new

My dashboard is available under Dashboards page. My dashboard is distributed in following sections.

  • MY OKRs

  • Feedback stats

  • My forms

  • My recent activities.

Let us see all these sections one by one. 



My OKRs section provides analyzed data around OKRs views of browse OKRs page (owned, shared & default OKRs views available to logged in user). Select any view from the view selector at the top of the section and see following details related to the selected OKR view. 


As shown in the image below, depending on the selected OKR view the section shows the overall average progress of OKRs within the selected OKR view. A number of objectives within selected OKR view, and number KRs containing in those objectives. 

My punch-ins section shows number KR punch ins in each month for the OKRs within selected OKR view. The latest six months data is shown here. 

Other quick actions available for OKRs 

As the system shows the listview of objectives that count towards average in the above chart. Each objective will have some quick actions involved depending on different situations. Let us when you'd see these different actions.

  • Drill down - When the objective has KRs/alignments in it. 

  • Grade - When the objective is in ready for grading status & objective grading type is set to radio button or opinion scale. 


  • Punch in - When there are no KRs or alignments in the objective.

  • No actions available - If the user does not have permission to take any of the above actions. 

Drilled down view of an objective

As mentioned above, drill down action is available when you have some KRs and alignments available in objectives. Clicking on drill down action opens up the entire progress analytics of the objective. This view provides all information of an objective progress over the time. 

Look at the different sections highlighted with numbers in the above image. 

  1. Name of the drilled down the objective.

  2. .Current status of that objective

  3. Overall progress of the objective along with number of KRs of different types.

  4. List of KRs within objective along with details like KR progress, due date, status, etc. 

  5. The actual progress and ideal progress of the objective. 

Visual cues

Each visual cue on the dashboard has some meaning to make available data more meaningful. A few of the visual cues can be referred from the image below. 

  • Red up arrow - This objective is not contributing to any other objective.

  • Green up arrow - This objective is contributing to another objective.

  • Red down arrow - This objective does not receive the contribution from any other objective.

  • Green down arrow - This objective receives the contribution from at least one other objective.

  • Green calendar - Start date.

  • Red calendar - Due date.

  • All three green dots - The objective or key result was updated within < 7 days.

  • Two green dots - The objective or key result was updated within more than 7 days and less than 14 days.

  • One green dot - The objective or key result was updated within more than 14 days and less than 21 days.

  • One red dot - The objective or key result was updated within more than 21 days and less than 28 days.

  • Two red dots - The objective or key result was updated within more than 28 days and less than 35 days.

  • Three red dots - The objective or key result was updated more than 35 days ago.

  • We are working on enhancements in all of the sections on My dashboard page. Do let us know your suggestions via our service desk.

My feedback stats

Feedback stats section shows number around feedback of the logged in user.

This section shows number of feedback as explained below - 

Given - Feedback given by logged in user

Request sent - Feedback request sent by logged in user

Shared with you - Feedback those are explicitly shared with the logged in user (she is not the subject of the feedback though)

Notes -  Private notes, drafted feedback by logged in user

Received -  Feedback received by logged in user

Requests received -  Feedback requests received by logged in user

Shared with all - Public feedback

My forms

This section lists downs all review/survey form where you are supposed to take some action or to respond. This section does not list down all your forms. Whenever you are supposed to take any action on a particular form it is easier to directly navigate to that form this section instead of searching it on my forms page.

My recent activities

Recent activities section shows your all activities within UpRaise. These activities are related to all core features of UpRaise. To check more activities click on show more button. These are your own activities and that is why if you click on the links from recent activities you will be taken to the respective page where actually you have taken some action.