How can I use continuous feedback in review forms?

The purpose of continuous feedback in UpRaise is to ensure, short but frequent feedback messages are exchanged periodically. These snippets of feedback gathered over a period of time can be referred while completing review forms. This can give you a headstart when filling in the semi-annual/annual reviews.

While designing the form if UpRaise admin had checked the 'show feedback tab' checkbox, end users will see a 'feedback' tab while filling up the form. Once you click on that tab it will show feedback messages (depending on the feedback visibility) that the team member/reviewee has received.

A few important points to know about feedback tab

  • By default, you will see feedback tag and name of the user who has given the feedback, and clicking on each feedback shows you a complete feedback message as shown in the image below.

  • By default, you will see feedback those are shared in the review period. If needed you can use filter option and change dates to see feedback for a particular duration. (of course this honours the visibility setting of feedback)

  • If form distributor has unchecked 'show feedback tab' option, feedback tab will not be available.

  • If review period is not defined while distributing a form, all 'visible' feedback of the reviewee will be listed in the feedback tab. 

  • Use 'show more' option to see more feedback in the list.

  • If you have sufficient permissions to view team member's/reviewee's feedback messages then only you will see those feedback.

  • If the team member has not received any feedback in given review period of the form then no feedback will be shown in the feedback tab on the form.