Releases in release pages & widgets

Create release

Every time a rule is triggered that contains ‘Widget action’ or ‘Release page action’, it will result in creation of a release inside of the selected release page or widget. This is the structure of these relationships -

  1. One release page/widget will include multiple releases

  2. Each release can consist of one or more issues

Know more about release page & widget action here -

View release

This is how the release pages & widgets are listed, along with the corresponding number of releases.


One can click on ‘x Releases’ link & it would reveal each of the releases within that release page/widget.


Clicking on ‘View’ reveals the data inside of each release that is visible in the end-user facing release page or widget.


Details shown after licking on view -

Delete release

Clicking on the ‘trash’ icon, available against each of the listed releases will delete corresponding release data from the release page/widget.

This action is irreversible.