How does automatic confidence score calculation work?

Now UpRaise allows admins to set different confidence status configurations. Read Confidence score/status configurations for more details. Let us see how this confidence scores & statuses are calculated/reflected according to the settings done by UpRaise admin.

If the objective confidence status and scores are set to automatic, confidence scores of KRs are considered for objective confidence score and status. Let us see an example.

As shown in the image below, the user has just created an objective and a few KRs in it. She has not yet updated the progress on KR, alignments nor the confidence score of the KR. That is why the 'not available' status is shown for KR & so the objective status is red and score is 0. 

In this image below, user has udated progress confidence score of all KRs and alignments. To show the confidence score and status of the objective, system considers confidence score of all alignments and KRs. Weighted average of those KR's and aliment's confidence score is shown as the final confidence status score of the objective. See below formula and calculations based on the objective shown in below image. 

Since the confidence score of KR needs to be updated manually, you can update it from the punch-in pop-up of KR. Below example shows the metric type KR punch-in pop-up. Same goes for all types of KRs. 

Confidence score calculation

Confidence score of the objective = (Confidence score of the KR1*weightage of KR1) (Confidence score of the KR2*weightage of KR2)(Confidence score of the KR3*weightage of KR3) + (score of alignment1 * weightage of alignment)  / (weightage of KR1 weightage of KR2 weightage of KR3 weightage of alignment)

Here. as per scores in the image, the calculation will be done as shown below - 

    Confidence score of the objective =  (7*5)+ (5*5)+ (1*5)+(2*5)/(5+5+5+5)

                                                          = 35+25+5+10/20


                                                          = 3.75

After all above calculations, system rounds off the score that is why in above image objective confidence status is 4. If you mouse over on that score, system displays actual score/value upto 2 decimals. 

Since the 4 is the final score of the objective, system looks for the range defined by your admin for each confidence status. Here four falls under yellow confidence status that is why the confidence status of the objective is yellow. See below image for better understanding. Note you will be able to see these settings in your UpRaise instance only if you are an admin/super admin. 

Same confidence score range is applicable for KRs and alignments as well. For example - In above image, confidence score of the first KR is 7, that fall under green confidence status, that is why confidence status of that KR is green.

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