Confidence score/status configurations


Confidence status feature in UpRaise used to be a default status that is calculated considering the current progress percentage of the objective, objective start & due date and current date. This was completely default calculation & user had no control over it. Later on, based on our customer requests and suggestions this feature evolved a lot. 

In net enhancement on this feature, we added a few configurations where users could choose own labels and color coding for confidence statuses, also they could manually update these statuses, still, these statuses were textual and only associated with objective and not KRs. 

From v3.9.7, we have enhanced this feature to the next step and below explained are the new configurations. Now there are two ways to set these configurations. 

  • Confidence status associated with objectives & KRs

  • Confidence status associated only with objectives

Confidence status associated with objectives & KRs

When you intend to get objective's confidence status & scores updated automatically based on KR's confidence statuses & confidence score, you can set this configuration as shown in the image below. Confidence score should be true/checked. After that edit display names, color codes and score range as per your requirement. Once done with all setting click on save. 


For example - Assume the range for Healthy confidence status of KR is 7-10. While updating the KR progress, user updates the KR score as 7.5, so the KR confidence status will be considered as Healthy. In this way, you can update the confidence score of all KRs within the objective and then the weighted average of all KRs confidence score will reflect as the confidence score of the objective and confidence status will be accordingly updated that is associated with the score range set in confidence status configurations.  For more details on the confidence score calculations read How does automatic confidence score calculation work?

Confidence status associated only with objectives

If you don't want confidence score and status of objective to be based on KR confidence scores then uncheck the 'confidence score' option. When unchecked you can set confidence status configurations in one of the two ways available in the system. 

  • Automatic

  • Manual 



When the configuration is set to automatic, system will automatically show the confidence status of objective considering the current progress of the objective, start date, due date & current date. Read What are different OKR confidence statuses in UpRaise?


When the configuration is set to manual, objective owner can manually select the confidence status of the objective. 

If you have any suggestions based on objective confidence statuses, feel free to share via our service desk.