Concepts - Continuous feedback, Conversations

Continuous Feedback 

Continuous Feedback feature within UpRaise allows you to 'give' & 'request' feedback. You can give feedback to anyone or request one from others. As UpRaise is tightly integrated with Jira, it allows linking JIRA Issues with feedbacks. This linking is meant to give you more context about the work that was done for which the feedback is given. You can also give/request on objectives & KRs.

Continuous feedback is supposed to be short in nature but frequent to make the intended impact.

It is not mandatory to associate feedback with a Jira issue/objectives/KRs. You can give & request feedback independent of any Jira issue/objectives/KRs.


Conversations within UpRaise are sort of a private discussion between two people where one can request for or can offer help. These are meant to give team members & managers opportunity to initiate the constructive discussion and break the ice.


Conversation feature is deprecated due to its low adoption. 

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