How can I share the feedback with selected users or teams?

UpRaise allows complete flexibility in terms of who can be in the feedback shared with list. While creating or editing feedback, just modify the 'shared with' parameter accordingly.

Depending on default share with settings (managed by UpRaise admins) for continuous feedback, system will select one of the options from 'all users or shared with selected teams or users' as default. Of course, you can override this selection and decide with whom you want to share this feedback. 

There are three options to decide the visibility of feedback:

  • All users

  • Shared with selected teams or users

  • None

All users

Feedback will be shared with all active UpRaise users. 

Share with selected teams or users

 You can handpick users and teams with whom you want to share a feedback. 


Use this option when you want to save a feedback as a draft. Such feedback will be visible only to feedback provider in 'Notes' tab on 'my feedback page'.

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