How to get Jira issue progress other than 0 & 100, using custom field?

UpRaise provides you an option to get the progress of Jira issue KR on the basis of any numerical custom field. You can configure relevant settings along with a custom field that needs to be considered to manage the Jira issue KR progress. Let us see how this configuration works. 

How to configure a custom field?

  • Navigate to OKR >> manage tab. 

  • In Key Result Configurations section, click on a link called progress calculation.

  • In this section select relevant custom field on basis of which you want the progress to be calculated. 

    • Read/share this link with your Jira admin to get the custom field id as only Jira admin can retrieve it from Jira. 

  • Similarly, you can also add a custom field id for the weightage or choose the equal weightage option. 

  • Click on save. 

What custom fields are supported?

UpRaise support all numeric and non-numeric custom fields for KR progress calculations. 

However, there are a few validations in case of non-numeric fields as below -

  • If it is non-numeric field & returns a number during calculations, system uses that number for progress calculations.

  • If it doesn't return a number, calculation is done on the resolution field.


By allowing all types of custom fields in these configurations, UpRaise brings in more flexibility. You can even use calculated custom fields (such as the ones created by scriptrunner or other add-ons) for the progress calculations.

Progress calculations

As we have seen how to configure custom fields for progress calculation, let us see how the system calculates the progress. For the formula behind the calculations read How does the progress calculation of Jira issues and epics works?

In the image below, you can see the custom field called progress % (highlighted) with the value as 10 and this custom field is currently configured for progress % calculations of Jira issue KRs.


This issue UP - 8 is added as KR in a team objective. You can see the progress % of the Jira issue KR is also 10%. This is how the system will calculate the progress % on the basis of configured custom field. 

In this way, when there is a change in the progress % custom field value, the system will auto-calculate the progress % of Jira issue KR on the basis of that custom field. 


You can configure your Workflow post functions so that this custom field is automatically updated on different status transitions. e.g. you may want the progress % to be set to 100 when last status in the workflow is reached or may be set it back to 0 when it is re-opened & so on.