Troubleshooting PDF Generation

Pdf generation is not working on your server/data center version of Jira? ARN needs Google chrome installed on the Jira server, for pdf generation. Follow instructions on this page to install chrome - Support docs

If you have chrome installed but ARN is not detecting it, follow instructions below to troubleshoot.

Steps to troubleshoot

If you have already installed chrome on your Jira server & ARN is still not detecting it, please help us with the logs. We will investigate further & help you with a solution. Here is how to get the relevant logs & other information:

  • Jira Administration -> Left navigation "Logging and profiling" -> On right panel locate "Configure" logging level for another package.

  • Click on "Configure" link and add set values as below

    • Package name = com.amoeboids.apps.arn.service.file.PdfGenerator

    • Logging level = DEBUG

  • Click on Add button, this will enable the debug logs.

  • Now visit the PDF template edit page

  • Check the Jira logs and please send us the relevant logs (check for message "Checking chrome is available" in logs)

  • Once logs are extracted, change the log level for "" to your default log level.

Additional information

Also share with us following info from server where Jira is running -

  • What is the version of Chrome installed on that instance, minimum version needed is 59

  • Is Jira service running using root or a different user?

  • run the command "google-chrome --headless --disable-gpu --remote-debugging-port=9222" this will start headless chrome service

  • from another command prompt run "wget http://localhost:9222/json/version" it will store the output in file named "version", share the output with us.

  • exit the process started in other window

  • check if command "google-chrome --headless --disable-gpu --print-to-pdf" generates the pdf with content from site