Custom CSS for release notes


To further customise the release notes that ARN generates, it is possible to configure custom CSS within templates.

Some of the places where this feature is available -

  • Email

    • Email body

  • PDF

    • PDF content

  • MS Word

    • Word content

  • Confluence

    • Page content

  • HTML

    • Content

  • Markdown

    • Content

How to

Note that custom css can be applied only when the layout of the template is Tabular. Sequential layout does not support applying custom css as it already uses a WYSWYG editor.

Open any one of the above-mentioned template types & click on any JQL section to open it in Edit mode or start to Create a new one. Make sure the layout/format is set to Table.

Follow this article -

Custom CSS can be applied for any of the selected columns, listed in the left-hand section of the Fields tab. Click on the gear icon beside any column name & it will reveal a couple of free text fields where custom CSS can be added.


Header styles refer to the styling applied to the table header for that specific column whereas Entry styles CSS attributes are applied to all the data points generated within that column.

If the JQL section data is grouped by a specific column, it is possible to apply custom CSS to that data as well. Just click on the Gear icon beside Group by option. It shows the custom CSS options.


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