Integration status

We come across a few common errors when teams try to publish their release notes on Confluence or JSD. These errors include missing or incorrect credentials among others. To make it easier for users to spot such problems before they occur, we are introducing Integration status section on the Help tab(available on both in-project and cross-project screens).



For anyone, who has access to ARN’s in-project or cross-project screen - this information will be easily available. Different colors (Beside Help tab) indicate different situations as explained below -

  • Red - Indicates no integrations have been configured or at least one/more configured integrations are failing

  • Amber - Indicates that at least one or more integrations are not configured

  • Green - Indicates that all configured integrations are working properly

App will check for the integrations every 12 hours & keep the information up to date. Integrations covered include

  • Confluence

  • SMTP

  • JSD

Clicking on the Failed status will reveal the underlying reason for failure.