What type of KRs are possible in Employee Success?

UpRaise supports 4 types of key results at all levels of objectives i.e. company, team & individual.


Metric type of key result is numeric in nature. Wherever one needs to track numbers - be it dollars, percentages or any other unit. For a metric KR, when you are punching in the update - you just update the current value and progress percentage is automatically updated.

For example - Increase sign up rate from 25% to 45% through the iOS app. When you are tracking the progress you just update the latest value of the sign-up rate and UpRaise will automatically calculate the progress on the KR.

To do

As the name suggests, to do key results are accompanied by checkboxes. That is, they are either complete or incomplete. There is no progress percentage in between. 

One example of To Do KR is - Attend Web Summit conference 2017 in SF

Jira issue

Instead of a To Do or a Metric type, if you want to make a Jira issue as a key result just search for it in the pop-up. The advantage of using a Jira issue as KR is - as Jira issues are updated, the progress of KR is automatically updated. One need not update that progress from UpRaise.

Typically, you would use Jira issues as key results in UpRaise when they do not fit in either To Do or Metric type. For example, if something needs to go through different statuses & will need action from multiple assignees. 

Example - Finalise user interface designs for the mobile app - by getting sign off from 5 existing customers & keeping in mind UX field test results.

Jira issues via JQL

If you want to add multiple Jira issues as one KR and want these issue list to be auto-updated by system, make use of Jira issues via JQL. Whenever you update issues that match the saved JQL, that change is auto-updated in UpRaise too.

Example - You have saved a JQL as KR i.e. project = UpRaise AND issuetype = Bug AND assignee = AnnuW. Currently, there are 5 issues in the system those are matching with this JQL and you have added them as a Jira issue KR. After some time two of the issues have their assignees changed, in such case system will automatically update your Jira issue KR with remaining 3 issues as well as it updates the progress percentage of the KR depending on the resolution and number of issues remaining in the KR. These updates will reflect in the system depending on the job frequency that has been set by your admins.  Read How to add Jira issue KR via JQL?


The relevant setting needs to be true in order to add Jira issue or Jira issues as KR via JQL. Read How to manage key result configurations?


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