How to manage key result configurations?

Key result configurations section allows you do decide the way you want to manage your KR configurations with Jira issues. There are two different configurations, one about Jira issues as actions and another for progress calculations. 


There might be the case when Jira issues work as important factors for your key results. You may want to associate them as important actions you have taken or worked on to make progress on metric or to do type KRs. In such cases, you can use these configuration settings to decide whether you want to add Jira issues as actions within KRs(Metric & ToDo). 

  • Do note, linking Jira issues as actions with KRs is only possible with 'metric & to do' type of KRs.

  • Linking Jira issues as actions are just for the informational purpose, changes in Jira issue resolution will not have any impact on KR's progress or objective progress. 


  • Navigate to objectives & key results from the administration section.

  • Click on advanced tab.


Automated Progress calculation of KRs (Currently only Metric KR)

Read to know more.

Progress calculation for Jira issues as KRs

By default, all the checkboxes are set as true. Which means users can link Jira issues as actions with metric and to do KRs. In any case, if you don't want this linkage, you can uncheck 'link Jira issues as actions' option and then users will not see 'add new' option on KR detail page to link Jira issues as actions. 

Also, read How to add Jira issues as actions in metrics and to do KRs?

If Jira issues are linked to KRs as actions, they do not influence progress percentage of the KR in any way.

If you want, you can disable an option to add Jira issues as KRs/Jira issues as JQL in any of the OKRs. As shown in the image below if you uncheck Jira issues option, you won't see Jira issues and Jira issues via JQL on add key result pop up in OKRs.

If Jira issues option is true, the system allows you to configure progress calculation settings. For these configurations read How to manage progress calculation settings for Jira epics & issues as KRs?

JQL job frequency 

Whenever any change happens in the issue statuses or any issue is added or deleted from search results according to your JQL, system should recalculate the progress percentage of the KR. For the recalculation, we have added this cron expression to decides the frequency of jobs to recalculate the progress percentage. By default,  progress is recalculated by system four times a day (after every six hours starting at 00am of every day).


Of course, change these cron expressions to set any frequency.  Refer the image below for some more cron expressions. 

Apart from this, to override these cron expression settings, one can simply use the refresh given on right side of the respective KR on the objective detail page.